Are you planning to start a complex, multidisciplinary project in the near future? Or are you involved in a project that is not progressing as intended because of collaboration issues? Then contact Magda Veenendaal and Jan Vaessen of Engaging Programmes for a tailor-made solution.

They adapt their programme to each situation. Upon consultation with the client, it may include any or all of the following components:

Kick Off

A kick-off
A workshop at the start of a complex project to design a project plan that has universal buy-in and that will create a climate for effective collaboration


A mid-term accelerator
A workshop during a complex project to remove any obstacles that may have arisen and to get the project back on track


Coaching for team members either individually or jointly to foster greater understanding of each other’s behaviours and needs, with the purpose of optimising collaboration.

In all its activities Engaging Programmes bring together project management, team building and personal development in a unique way.

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