The people behind Engaging Programmes are Magda Veenendaal and Jan Vaessen. They both have decades of experience working as facilitators for project teams, workshops and meetings. They share high professional standards, international experience and academic backgrounds.

Drs. Magda Veenendaal

Magda Veenendaal is a leadership advisor, team builder and process facilitator at management and board level. She facilitates, inspires and empowers innovative project teams. She does this by enabling team members to gain insights in their own and each other’s behavioural styles, needs and ambitions. Magda is well versed in group dynamics, organisational development and change management. She responds quickly with highly qualified professionals, is respectful and does not avoid conflict.

Magda studied andragogy and organisational sociology and has worked for many years in HR management at international companies. She was a board member of the TU Delft. She has been managing partner and senior consultant at Engaging Leadership since 2008.

Dr. Ir. Jan Vaessen

Jan Vaessen is an IAF Certified® Professional Facilitator. He facilitates the business meetings of project teams in science and industry all over the world. His analytical abilities allow Jan to quickly hone in on the issue at the heart of the project. He asks the right questions, maintains focus and keeps the discussions on track. He supports every member of team and makes sure that everyone is involved. Under his guidance the teams achieve their desired results which could be a plan supported by everyone involved, a realistic time-frame or a shared mission.

Jan graduated in chemical technology and worked for 12 years in a range of project management roles at Unilever R&D where he specialised in facilitating innovation projects. Jan set up his own company, Jan Vaessen Facilitation , in 2010.


Jan Vaessen and Magda Veenendaal have worked together in Engaging Programmes since 2010. Jan’s specialty is the task oriented element while Magda’s is team building and personal leadership. This role division is highly complementary.

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